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FeedLIVE 1.51 International has been launched:
FeedLIVE : The feed formulation software international version is now available.

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Blank.gif (79 bytes)Click here to download FeedLIVE 1.52 International trial version.
Blank.gif (79 bytes).. FeedLIVE Trial version:
The trial version of FeedLIVE 1.51 International is available to download. Live Informatics give you about 15 days to try on every features

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Blank.gif (79 bytes)..Blank.gif (79 bytes) E-commerce and us.
Now we are ready for the e-commerce. You can buy our products online with real time transaction processing.

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For your information
At first all aims of our business are focusing on management services to the swine industry in THAILAND. As every one knows, we are on the globalization era, there are no more territories to be an obstacle for doing business globally. So now we are moving to the new challenges world market with Thai hospitality style.

We are the leading supplier of management services to swine industry in THAILAND by providing the current information technology, production management concepts to the clients (For additional information please visit about us section).

We are not only follow the trend of technology around the world but we create our own products also. Such as FeedLIVE : the feed formulation software, PigLIVE : the Swine production manipulation software and SPEED : the Extender for boar semen. etc.

All information about our products and services are available at products page. if you would like to download full functional trial version of our software products. Please visit our download page.

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On the insight
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FeedLIVE Our first international version of feed formulation software, FeedLIVE. Now available for THAI and ENGLISH language. Easy to use that you never imagine. You could formulate your least cost feed formulation in a minute.

These are why you have to use it.


Least cost ?
Yes, FeedLIVE calculation method is base on linear programming so you will get your requirement at the lowest prices.


Easy to use ?
Yes, if you are familiar with any other Ms-Windows application you could use FeedLIVE to formulate your feed formulation in a minute. Just set it up, open it, specify your nutritional requirement, give it information about ingredient then press formulate button, then within a second you will get your least cost formula.
3. Others ?
Yes, It has formulation analysis that give you a clue to make your formulation more cheaper. You could use it to analyze your existed formula, and more.
You could find additional information about FeedLIVE, download the trial version or place your order at http://www.liveinformatics.com/eng/feedlive

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Things to come
On the next month our e-commerce section will be ready to serve you. At that time where ever you are you cab buy our products and services just only click your mouse. For additional information and technical details about e-commerce section, please click here.


To find out more about THAILAND. Please select the following link.
NECTEC : The National Electronic and Computer Technology Committee of Thailand.
TAT : Tourism Authority of Thailand.
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FeedLIVE: The feed formulation software  ONLY US$ 359.-

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